14th Annual

Llano River Chuck Wagon Cook-Off
Badu Park on the Llano River

Llano, Texas

October 19-20, 2018

Entry Form

Download the Entry Form here.


  • Entries are limited to the first Twenty (20) officially entered wagons.
  • $150.00 entry fee is required along with a completed entry form for an official entry.
  • Make checks payable to Llano River Chuck Wagon Cook-off and remit to: Llano River Chuck Wagon Cook-off, P.O Box 661, Llano, Texas, 78643.
  • Credit card applications can be faxed to 325-248-6917 (credit card will not be debited unless you fail to show up to cook).
  • Categories are: Meat, Beans, Potatoes, Bread, Dessert, Wagon and Campsite Authenticity.
  • Questions can be directed to David Griffith (325) 247-2173 (512) 914-5306 or Morrison Smith (325) 423-5023
  • There are NO rain dates.
  • Entry deadline is September 1.


  • Cook-off is held in Badu Park on the North bank of the Llano River.
  • Wagons may arrive and check in with the Wagon Boss on Thursday.
  • Campsites will not be available for set up until 12:00 noon Thursday.
  • Campsites may be chosen in order of your arrival starting at 12:00 noon Thursday.
  • Wagons will be allowed to set up when the site is ready.
  • All camps will be fully setup for judging by noon Friday.
  • Wagon transport trailers and vehicles will not be allowed on the park road by the river after 10:00 am Friday.  Parking for wagon transport trailers will be designated.


  • Room accommodations for hotel, motel, and B&B’s may be made thru www.llanolodging.com or the Llano Chamber of Commerce 325-247-5354.
  • Badu City Park RV spaces are limited and available only on a first come basis.
  • Wagon crews are welcome to camp at their wagon. Only tents and cowboy teepees are allowed.
  • Campers, RVs, or camping trailers of any make are not allowed to set up in the cook-off area.

Cook’s Meeting

  • Friday at 12:00 noon unless otherwise announced.

What We Provide

  • Conversation wood. You must furnish your own cooking wood.
  • Food products to feed 40-50 persons. Beef for country fried steak, dry pinto beans, potatoes, and onions, fruit for desert, eggs, flour, cooking oil, sugar, milk, butter, and gravy mix.
  • Water access, ice, and two cases bottled water for serving the public.
  • Paper goods and utensils for the public meal, and food judging containers
  • Two Volunteers for Saturday meal serving. Only until serving is completed.

Cooking Rules

  • A designated head cook and up to three others shall comprise the official cooking crew of the wagon. These persons only, may be in camp and be involved in the preparation and cooking until after the food samples have been turned in for judging.
  • Each team will be expected to practice food safety handling and sanitation procedures including having a food thermometer available, and a three (3) stage dishwashing station.
  • A current in date fire extinguisher must be visible. It will not be considered in judging.
  • Food will be prepared with the ingredients provided by the Llano River Chuck Wagon Cook-off group. Preparation and cooking of all foods will be on-site using wood fires.
  • Pan liners may be used.
  • Each wagon will prepare, country fried steak, potatoes (no potato salad), pinto beans, bread (no cornbread), and dessert (from fruit provided) for 40-50 persons.
  • Gravy mix will be provided for serving to the public, but not turned in for judging.
  • The following ingredients will NOT be permitted: Boxed or prepared pre-mixes, bell peppers, mushrooms, mayonnaise, commercial sauces, powdered sugar, chili mixes, sour cream, and frozen foods.  Teams observed preparing foods with said ingredients will be disqualified.



Wagons and Campsites

  • All camps will be fully set up by noon Friday.
  • Wagons and campsite judging will start at noon Friday, or earlier if a wagon is ready.
  • Wagon judges will be currently certified ACWA judges.
  • This is a trail wagon competition
  • Fireboxes will be allowed, but wood stoves will not.
  • Teams may dig fire holes, but they must be filled prior to departure.
  • Cooking crew will wear period clothing during the cook-off.
  • Wagon transport trailers and vehicles will not be allowed on the park road by the river after 10:00 am Friday.  Parking for wagon transport trailers will be designated.


  • Judging samples are to be taken from the same foods prepared for the public meal.
  • Pre-numbered Styrofoam containers will be used for food samples for judging.
  • Food samples will be ready by 11:45am Saturday and delivered in the pre-numbered sample boxes provided to the designated collection tables by your team member.
  • Event personnel will receive all food samples and transport to the judging area.
  • Food judging will be conducted in an isolated area, away from the wagons.

Public Meal on Saturday

  • Each wagon will serve 40-50 pre-sold ticket holders.
  • Please do not let the public serve themselves.
  • Styrofoam containers will be provided to serve food.
  • Service time has been advertised for 12:00 noon.
  • Hold food no longer than one hour.


  • Prize money will be awarded to four places in each category: $300 for First Place, $200 for Second Place, $100 for Third Place, and $50 for Fourth Place. (**In the event that fewer than 11 wagons participate, only three places will be awarded.)
  • Additional prizes will be awarded for the Overall.
  • All ties will result in an equal division of the prize money for the places involved.
  • Each category will be considered equally in figuring the overall placement.
  • All prizes are based on a four-person crew.


Friday Night

  • The host wagon meal will be served at 6:00pm or as soon after as it is ready.


  • Wagons may break down anytime after the public meal has been served on Saturday.
  • Wagons may not leave the grounds until after the announcement of the results.
  • All wagons are welcome to stay Saturday night, but must be out by 12:00 noon on Sunday.
  • Free community breakfast and Cowboy Church will be held Sunday morning at 8:00am.
  • Wagon crews are expected to leave their camp as clean as they found it and all fires extinguished. If you dig a fire pit, replace the sod.


  • The Llano River Chuck Wagon Cook-off reserves the right to reject any entry or to remove any contestant or team found to be in violation of the rules or whose conduct is found to be unfavorable to the event or its guests. The head cook will be responsible for the conduct of his/her team and guests. Excessive use of alcoholic beverages will be grounds for disqualification and removal.
  • Wagon transport trailers, campers, RVs, and vehicles will not be allowed on the park road by the river except during designated times for set up, take down, and restocking.
  • Advertising on wagons will not be permitted.
  • With an exception for the handicapped, all motorized vehicles are not allowed in the park area. Assistance dogs for the handicapped are allowed.
  • NO ANIMALS, are allowed in the campsites and cooking areas due to health reasons. The City of Llano enforces a leash law in the park.
  • Night watch/security will be on the grounds Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings from dusk until dawn.
  • The executive committee of the Llano River Chuck Wagon Cook-off reserves the right to interpret and make adjustments to these rules should the need arise and will resolve all disputes arising because of them. Their judgment is final.
  • The Llano River Chuck Wagon Cook-off Committee, its sponsors, Llano Chamber of Commerce, and City of Llano will not be liable for theft, damage, or accidents.
  • By signing the entry form, you and your team acknowledge you have read and understand the rules, and will follow them during the cook-off, and that failure to abide by the rules at anytime will subject your wagon and crew to be disqualified from this event.